Free DeskArtes Support Structure beta program

New Support Structure generator with 3Data Expert® version 11.0.

DeskArtes is developing a new and flexible support structure generator for metal, DLP and Stereolithograpny processes. The support structure generator has been developed as part of EU project ToMax and tested succesfully by several partners. The support structure generator has reached a level where it can be reliably used to generate professional supports for different AM processes using both solid and open structures. Please see support structure generator Tutorial 4 - Generating Supports for AM for details.

To be able to offer the best solution to our customers and to learn from the AM industry we are now releasing the support structure generator as a free beta version. Please see the below how you can join the free Support Stucture beta program:

  • Free Support Structure beta program is open to all customers puchasing DeskArtes 3Data Expert before July 2017
  • The program gives you free access to professional and flexibe support structure generator until the end of year 2017
  • You will get free email suppport and new versions during the beta program period
  • All program members will have the chance to purchase the official Support Structure generator version with 50% reduction when it is officially released
  • The more you contribute, the more you will benefit: By providing DeskArtes with continuous test results you will have the possibility to get the relase version for free
  • Please download 3Data Expert 11.0 and ask for a 15-day test license
  • To join and more info, please contact sales(at)deskartes.fi