DeskArtes tools for desktop and automated AM production

DeskArtes AM Chain

Automated 3D model processing with DeskArtes AM Chain

  • Efficient and reliable data preparation for AM mass production
  • Full automated 3D model processing chain
  • Integrate DeskArtes AM Chain background tools into your process
  • Available as libraries for linking or executables for calling from web applications, scripts, ...
  • Operating systems: Windows, Linux, macOS
DeskArtes 3Data Expert

AM Workflow with 3Data Expert 14.0

DeskArtes 3Data Expert 14.0 is a professional software tool for 3D data preparation for Additive Manufacturing and 3D Printing. With 3Data Expert you can prepare 3D models for AM with just a few mouse clicks, starting from 3D CAD input, model repair, positioning, support generation and slicing for your dedicated AM system.

DeskArtes 3Data Expert AM software suite starts from free STL repair and goes to full Additive Manufacturing data preparation, including 3D CAD conversion, STL editing, DefAM, AM support generation, slicing, hatching, G-code and bitmap generation. You can take full control of AM production with DeskArtes AM software.

The latest version includes a simple step by step workflow and supporting command sets for effective 3D model preparation. Print Configuration files allow to preset the software for specific AM process and materials, supported with friendly graphical user interface and excellent 3D data processing algorithms!

DeskArtes 3Data Expert allows you to process 3D models for AM effectively with:

  • Print Configuration files for presetting the software for your specific AM system.
  • User friendly and clear workflow to support efficient 3D data preparation.
  • Efficient and accurate 3D CAD model conversion to STL or 3MF.
  • Full 3D model repair and checking via automatic repair commands, including "shrink wrap"
  • 3D model editing with 3D Lattice, Boolean, Split, Offset, Smooth etc. operations.
  • Part positioning to preset workspace with automatic 3D Nesting and Orientation commands.
  • Support generation for metal, DLP, stereolithography and sand based AM systems.
  • Final 3D print preparation with Z Compensation, Slicing, Tool compensation and Hatching for accurate component production.
  • Send to Print with a single command to various AM processes.

Standard input formats include STL, VRML, ZPR, 3MF, PLY, 3DS, OBJ, DXF, and slice formats CLI, SSL, SLC and SLI.

Optional input formats IGES, VDA/FS, STEP, CATIA 4/5/6, CATIA CGR, Unigraphics, SolidWorks, Solidedge, Inventor, Parasolid, JT and Creo/ProE allow to input directly native 3D CAD data with geometry and colors for 3D Color Printing and AM.