About the company

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DeskArtes' goal is to develop and market first class tools and services to every 3D professional dealing with product development and Additive Manufacturing technologies. DeskArtes provides revolutionary 3D technology and excellent human resources.


DeskArtes provides software solutions for Additive Manufacturing and Industrial Design companies since 1991. Customers in the CAD/CAM/CAE industry vary from small jewelry or ceramic design offices to leading car manufacturers and other multinational industrial companies, from design schools to Additive Manufacturing service bureaus and to hardware and software OEM. Major simulation software vendors are distributing DeskArtes software solutions to enable accurate and fast simulation results for for metal and plastic mold flow simulation. Currently, DeskArtes software is de facto standard for data preparation for full color 3D Printing systems.


DeskArtes was founded in 1989 as a continuation on research projects started already in 1985 at the Helsinki University of Technology. SAAB Valmet (a car manufacturer in Finland) and Arabia (a Finnish tableware manufacturer) made a request to the research group to develop an industrial design software that would put special emphasis on Aesthetic design features rather than traditional Engineering features. The group was successful in its efforts and the company has today thousands of users for its various software products. The Company key personnel have been with the company already from the research phase thus offering unparallelled cumulative understanding and know how of its business environment.

Key technology

The range of Application Areas covers the complete range of tools for AM, from small offices to major corporations. The DeskArtes products are available on Windows systems.

DeskArtes 3D Data Processing software packages for Additive Manufacturing, Simulation and Data Exchange markets offer the most wide range of high-end functionality for data repair and processing of standard format data files.

DeskArtes legacy Industrial Design software packages are tailored for Industrial Designers, for conceptual product design and styling requiring a high visual appeal. The functionality ranges from 3D surface modeling to photorealistic rendering, and sophisticated data exchange to/from other systems.