DeskArtes Additive Manufacutring and 3D Printing Products

The DeskArtes software products provide complete professional Additive Manufacturing data processing solutions

DeskArtes provides professional tools for Additive Manufacturing and Simulation data preparation worldwide. DeskArtes data preparation tools allow you to take any 3D CAD file and triangulate, verify, heal, modify, support, slice and hatch it for the AM processes. Customers in the AM/CAD/CAM/CAE industry vary from AM service bureaus to leading car manufacturers and other multi national industrial companies and to AM hardware and software OEM.

DeskArtes 3D Data Processing software packages for Additive Manufacturing offer the most wide range of high-end functionality for data repair and processing of standard format data files, like verify/repair, generate supports, slice and produce AM production documentation.

3Data Expert® Base 3Data Expert® Color
3Data Expert® Lite 3Data Expert® Dimensions
3Data Expert® Free

DeskArtes 3Data Expert® is a modular software suite providing an easy upgrade path for any Additive Manufacturing professional.

3Data Expert Free 3Data Expert Dimensions 3Data Expert Lite 3Data Expert Base 3Data Expert Color
View and measure faceted 3D models Free X X X X
Verify and Repair faceted 3D models Free X X X X
Screenshot for production control X X X X
Generate report for quality control and PDM
3D CAD Import, Triangulate and Repair
AM Expert database tool
Split and connect faceted models X X X X
Boolean, Cut, Hole Tool, Connecting struts X X X
3D Text, Offset, Hollow, Drain Hole X X X
2D & 3D Nesting X
Solidify (aka "shrink wrap") X X X
Painting and texturing X X X
Slicing and Tool Compensation X X
Reduce, Smooth, Refine X
Create new geometry X X
Solid and open Support structures
Sand supports
3D Locator
Other advanced tools
  • Feature option explanations:
  • Free: feature is available as a free product.
  • X: feature is included in the product.
  • €: feature can be bought as an add-on.

DeskArtes 3D CAD import formats allow you to convert different standard and proprietary 3D CAD surface models efficiently and accurately to STL, 3MF, VRML and ZPR files.

Import Translator

Key Benefits of DeskArtes Software

We Deliver:

  • Full access to different Additive Manufacturing technologies
  • Advanced functionality
  • Ease of use with dedicated AM workflow
  • Reduced time to market
  • Reduced costs