Changes in 3Data Expert® latest version

Improvements and new features in 3Data Expert® version 11.1.

There are several functional and GUI improvements with 3Data Expert 11.1. Also, selected set of tools are Internet enabled for web based applications and services:

  • New advanced functionality with the Generic Supports command, like support area editing with free form curve, improved vertical wall separation and Connect support type. Also, a complete application help for the support generation is included.
  • New Copy to Array command and improved Paste to Array command.
  • New functionality with Mark supports command for proper slicing with Tool compensation.
  • New Check Thick Walls command to avoid cracking of the AM part after the build.
  • New Merge Shells command to combine two shells in the Model Tree (for slicing).
  • Improved Slicing command with Tool compensation for more accurate AM parts.
  • Model Scaling and Rotation applied for AM platform transformations.
  • New Sand Transport Holes command to help moving heavy sand parts and supports.