Changes in 3DEdit Pro latest version

Improvements and new features in 3DEdit Pro version 3.0.

There are several functional and GUI improvements with 3DEdit Pro 3.0:

  • New Texture Painting command for fixing colors and textures on processed models.
  • New Check Small Details command to find features too small for a 3D Printer.
  • New Merge Duplicate Textures command to clean up textured models.
  • New 3D Nesting command to position parts quickly to work space.
  • New Center of Gravity command.
  • More efficient Delete Errors command allowing to remove serval error types in one run.
  • Repair Shells command now uses surrounding texture values when fixing gaps in a textured model.
  • More efficient area selection for Edit Triangles and Texture Paint operations via Area Operations toolbar.
  • More efficient Delete Texture and Replace Texture commands.
  • Improved Split command with more choices and teeth generation capability.
  • Improved Create 3D Text command with Engraving/Embossing option and automatic indexing.
  • Improved Move to Platform commands for quicker positioning.
  • New Merge Duplicate Textures command to clean up textured models.
  • New compressed .3dez format for transferring large 3D model data files over the Internet.
  • Improved Delete Textures and Replace Textures commands for color model fixing.

Extended/Architectural Module is now part of the standard 3DEdit Pro license:

  • New Solidify command to create "shrink wrap" around complicated 3D models, like architectural models.
  • Improved Boolean commands to join separate and multiple components into single shell for one connected STL file to output to any 3D printer.
  • Smoothing and refine commands for 3D model shape improvements.
  • Advanced architectural model repair commands: remove small inside components, disconnect and reconnect badly oriented wall components, orient and select open or thin walls/windows and add thickness for stronger build.
  • Advanced Cut and Hole tool commands for advanced repair and model modification.

Optional Surface Triangulation available for 3DEdit Pro:

  • Input IGES, VDA/FS, STEP, CATIA, Unigraphics, ProEngineer, JT, CGR, Inventor, Parasolid, SolidWorks and SolidEdge models.
  • Triangulate accurately with user defined tolerances and keep colors in the native CAD data.
  • Produce watertight STL geometry for 3D Color Printing.