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DeskArtes Design Expert

DeskArtes Design Expert brings the intuitive design methods of DeskArtes Industrial Design System into any PC. The standard Windows user interface makes it even quicker for the designer to model and interactively visualize an idea. DeskArtes Design Expert is supplied completely free of charge for those who want to test the software and visualize their ideas.

The ease of use is a critical concern. The designer needs a system through which he can think out and develop his ideas. DeskArtes Design Expert is such a tool allowing the designer to explore a wide range of ideas and alternatives. The design can be gradually refined from concept to detail. The designer can concentrate on what he does best - "creative design".


The key features

Easy to Learn
DeskArtes Design Expert works with a standard Windows User Interface and uses intuitive design methods resembling manual sketching. Design Expert can be learned in days and mastered in weeks while other systems require weeks of training and months of practice before a user can become proficient.
Free of Charge
DeskArtes only charges for the input / output data formats of the Design Expert. Teach yourself to design and visualize first, and only pay for interchanging data with other software packages.
Fast to Use
The modeling methodology and user ergonomics with DeskArtes IDS and Design Expert have been developed in conjunction with industrial designers facing real world problems. Compared to other systems, the user can achieve a specific goal using far fewer commands and interactions with DeskArtes Design Expert.
Modeling Methodology
The "build and blend" methodology is a simple yet powerful approach to surface modeling. DeskArtes Design Expert allows the designer to concentrate on the creative aspects of design rather than the irritating and unproductive direct manipulation of 3D model geometry. Learn More!
Manufacturable Geometry
DeskArtes Design Expert produces model geometry that, due to the constructive modeling methodology, is always smooth, tangent continuous and manufacturable by CAM technologies.
Real-Time 3D Previewing
Models can be previewed in 3D interactively using OpenGL shading with support for real-time rotation, zooming, panning, clipping, etc. Effects like texturing and mirroring can be added.
Communicate in 3D
The most intuitive way to present your ideas to your client and other groups of interest is to show the real model. We offer you something which is close to that - anyone having the Expert Series viewer program the View Expert can view your models. Viewing models with the View Expert is so simple anyone can do it! Moreover, he can make annotations to the model and send it back with comments.
Design Expert STL functions
DeskArtes Design Expert can further process the output of CAD/CAM Links to generate STL format which is used by rapid prototyping machines. The STL files are solid models, as the unique technology from our data processing product line has been integrated into Design Expert. Learn More!
Design Expert IGES/VDA translator
Design geometry can be accurately and reliably transferred from DeskArtes Design Expert to other CAD/CAM/CAE systems using IGES or VDA-FS formats. Learn More!
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